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How to Develop Leaders

You Don’t Have to Sacrifice Training Quality to Deliver Scale Affordably

Revisit Video 2: How to Level Up Your Leadership Development Game
Revisit Video 3: Have You Heard About the Holzman/Columbia University Leadership Lab?
Revisit Video 4: ToddTalks: Up Your Leaders’ Game in 5 Minutes a Week
Revisit Video 5: An Easy Way to Unlock Leadership at All Levels
Revisit Video 6: Why Should Only the Top 1% Get Quality Leadership Development?
Revisit Video 7: Are Your Training Programs Delivering REAL Behavior Change and Business Impact?
Revisit Video 8: You’re Developing Others. Who’s Developing You?

Okay, welcome back. I hope you enjoyed the last six videos on how we can work together to inspire and equip millions of people every year to exercise leadership in order to improve our companies, communities, countries, and our lives. But if you didn’t get a chance to watch them, you could do so at any time by clicking on the links below this video or going to our blog.

Today, I’ll talk about idea number seven, getting certified. Over the years, I have personally trained and certified hundreds of internal and external consultants, trainers, learning executives, leaders, managers, and salespeople in our real work process, our programs, and our coaching methodology. And this has equipped them to develop leaders, senior teams, and salespeople in ways that deliver real behavior change and business impact sustainably and scalably.

The next certification program for external consultants is going to occur in September 2022. We’re going to be limiting participation to about 13 or so participants, so if you’re interested, please book an exploratory call with us and you could do that by clicking on the red Let’s Talk button at the top right corner of our website.

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