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Breakthrough Sales Coaching

Develop your sales managers to grow their people and your revenue

Real client results with Breakthrough Sales Coaching


salesforce engagement improvement in 12 months


improvement in strategy execution by salesforce


customer experience ranking in 18 months
of Directors' bonus target achieved

How to really coach salespeople

Your sales managers need to stop telling their people what to do and start developing them so they know what to do on their own. 

But that doesn’t mean your managers should ONLY ask questions and STOP sharing what they authentically think and feel—as conventional wisdom would have you believe.

Breakthrough Sales Coaching will equip your sales managers with a modern coaching approach they’ll love that finally treats salespeople like adults capable of thinking for themselves and learning from honest feedback. The result? Unlocked potential, increased sales, and deeper relationships between your managers and their salespeople.

Salespeople are hungry to learn and win. They don’t need namby-pamby coaching approaches; they need honest feedback that challenges them to transcend their limits.”
-Todd Holzman-

Are your sales managers holding your salespeople back?

If your sales managers are like the thousands of managers we’ve trained and studied, they’re falling into two coaching traps that actually block the development and performance of their salespeople.

Your sales managers are either TELLING their people what to do too much of the time. Or they’re QUESTIONING their people to death hoping they’ll figure out the path to better results on their own.   The first trap creates a dysfunctional dependency on the sales manager. The second takes too long in the fast-paced, hyper-competitive world of sales. 

It’s time to relearn how to coach salespeople with Holzman’s Breakthrough Sales Coaching program. 

Unlock untapped
performance potential

To survive and thrive in an ever more demanding world your sales managers must find ways to get better performance from their people. 

The good news is most salespeople have at least 20% untapped performance potential. The bad news is the coaching methods your managers have learned can’t unlock it. 

In Breakthrough Sales Coaching, our Real Work Process (RWP) equips sales managers to rapidly develop and raise the performance of their people, providing the coaching salespeople crave for the results your organization needs.

Explore Our Approach

Explore Breakthrough Sales Coaching
with Team Holzman

Schedule a no-obligation, 30-minute call with me and my team to talk through how
you can transform the way your sales managers lead and coach their people.

Explore proven practices
used by teams like yours

We’ve worked with sales forces at companies of all shapes and sizes, and we have a unique view into what actually works. We’ll share the practices that get results so you can figure out the best approach for you and your sales team.

See what makes the program different

Take a look under the hood of Breakthrough Sales Coaching to see what makes the program different. We’ll share our unique approach to coaching and developing your sales managers so you can understand how this program will deliver results.

Learn how to get your team on board

Winning the support of sales leaders as well as the buy-in of the sales managers who will go through the program is critical to success. You’ve got an experienced guide in Team Holzman, and we’ll give you proven practices to get everyone on board.

What Breakthrough Sales Coaching Delivers

Winning Coaching Capabilities

Empower your sales managers with a proven approach, providing your salespeople with the coaching they crave for the results your organization needs.

High-Performing, Motivated Salespeople

Watch your salespeople rapidly expand their capabilities and significantly grow their business as your sales managers’ transform their approach to coaching.

Better Sales Results

Equip your sales managers to enable your salespeople to seize sales opportunities, counter the competition, and accelerate revenue growth across the board. 

“Your work with Bristol-Myers Squibb’s executives, managers, and salesforce has been instrumental in building a high-performance culture, improving customer experience and exceeding our sales targets.”

Cliff JavierOncology District Business Manager

Your sales managers and teams are capable of much more

Your sales managers are capable of coaching and raising the performance of their people. But they’re unintentionally holding themselves AND their people back by being either too directive or not direct enough.

Instead, they need to treat their people like adults who can think for themselves and learn from honest feedback. 

When your sales managers make this shift both they and your salespeople will be more engaged and perform a lot better. 

Let us help them realize what’s possible.