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Breakthrough Coaching

Equip your leaders to coach their people to perform at their best

Real client results with the Breakthrough Coaching program


improvement in productivity


dollars in cost savings


improvement in engagement

From Directing to Developing

Your leaders need to stop telling their people what to do and start developing them so they know what to do on their own.

But that doesn’t mean your leaders should ONLY ask questions and STOP sharing what they authentically think and feel—as conventional wisdom would have you believe.

Breakthrough Coaching will equip your leaders with a modern coaching approach that finally treats people like adults capable of thinking for themselves and learning from honest feedback. The result? Unlocked potential, higher performance, and deeper relationships between your leaders and their people.

The conventional coaching approach taught to managers is falling short

Your leaders are trying their best: coaching through questions, hoping their people will figure out the right answers on their own

But what if this coaching approach is backfiring? Extensive research demonstrates that conventional coaching stunts growth. And the more leaders lean into these patterns, the more they unintentionally inhibit performance.

It’s time to relearn what good coaching really is with Holzman’s Breakthrough Coaching program.

Access Untapped Potential and Performance

To survive and thrive in an ever more demanding world your leaders must find ways to get better work from their people.

The good news is their people likely have 30% untapped capacity. The bad news is that your leaders’ coaching methods are aren’t unlocking it. In our Breakthrough Coaching program, our Real Work Process (RWP) equips leaders to rapidly develop their people and significantly raise their performance, providing the coaching they crave for the results your organization needs.

Explore Breakthrough Coaching with Team Holzman

Schedule a no-obligation, 30-minute call with me and my team to talk through how you can transform the way your leaders coach and develop their people.

See what makes the program different

Take a look under the hood of the Breakthrough Coaching program to see what makes it different. We’ll share the practices that get results so we can create the best approach for you and your leadership team.

Learn how to get your leaders on board

Winning the support of your senior leadership team as well as the buy-in of those leaders who will actually go through the program is critical to success. You’ve got an experienced guide in Team Holzman, and we’ll give you proven practices to get everyone on board.

Explore proven practices used by teams like yours

We’ve worked with companies of all shapes and sizes, and we have a unique view into what works and what doesn’t. We’re happy to share the proven practices that are getting results for others so you can figure out the best approach for you and your company.

Coaching that leads to breakthroughs


Watch your people grow rapidly as your leaders’ approach to coaching significantly improves.


Unlock the promise of empowerment when your leaders start treating their people like the adults they are.


Drive better business results by getting much better engagement and performance from your people.

“Todd is a charismatic leader who brings passion and energy to his work. I was fortunate to cross paths with Todd, participating in one of his coaching workshops. His training made an immediate impact on my coaching style. It helped me become an agile leader, allowing me to build trust and provide authentic, direct feedback to my employees. I would recommend Todd’s leadership development training to anyone looking to grow as a coach.”

Ty RogersIntegrated Specialty Sales Manager

Your leaders and people are capable of so much more

You can increase the capacity of your organization by increasing the capacity of your people.

And the first step is developing leaders who are capable of coaching their teams to success.

Let’s work together to equip your leaders with the capabilities they need to give their people the feedback and coaching they crave. People who feel they’re valued work harder, think more creatively, and give more to the business—which means everyone wins.