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Business Results & Behavior Change

We Unlock the Power of Leadership Development

Business Results & Behavior Change

We Unlock the Power of Leadership Development

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How confident are you in your leadership development efforts?

It’s probably something you’ve turned over and over again in your head: believing deeply in the importance of learning, but doubting that the development you’re providing is making a lasting difference.

How do I know?  I’ve been there. I was a Leadership & Organizational Development executive at two Fortune 100 companies. I’ve had zero budget and millions to burn, and I’ve seen the headache, frustration, and disappointment that followed conventional development in either case.

More money won’t change things. More time, more blood, sweat, and tears won’t either. But over the past decade, I’ve developed a methodology that will.

It’s time to shift
the paradigm

The fact is your hard work, dedication, and belief in the power of leadership development are necessary but insufficient to inspire real change.

Why?  Because the development paradigm we’ve been operating under is fundamentally flawed.

So together we’re going to rewrite the script. Transformation NOT training is what we need.

My faculty and I will show you how to drive sticky changes in leadership behavior and a significant impact on the business that’s measurable.

An approach that finally gets real results

Sticky Behavior Change

Stop wasting time and money on LD only to see it fizzle.  Effect real change with methods that leave a lasting impact.

Measurable Business Results

Guarantee return on investment as your leaders solve real-world problems while they’re being developed.

Senior Leadership Buy-In

Inspire the confidence and trust your work deserves, and establish LD as a powerful business-building tool.

Insights Featured At

Our work together over the last 20 years has been instrumental in my growth as a senior HR leader and has increased the effectiveness of my clients, most recently at American Express.

Andy De MarcoVice President & Global HR Business Partner, American Express

Your work with Bristol-Myers Squibb’s executives, managers, and salesforce has been instrumental in building a high-performance culture, improving customer experience and exceeding our sales targets.

Bobbie KallnerVice President of Human Resources, IDEXX (former Regional Director, BMS)

Our work together with my last company’s CEO, his top team, and the broader leadership team enabled a more capable, effective, high-performance culture and company.

Brian SmithChief of Staff & CHRO, The PAMCO Group of Companies

Programs for Leaders

Increase the capacity of your organization by increasing the capacity of your leaders! Whether you’re looking for development that builds your top leadership teams or you need to empower your leaders to coach and develop their own teams, Team Holzman has you covered.

Programs for Senior Teams

We have isolated a core capability that distinguishes higher-performing executive teams. Our methodology enables senior teams to achieve significant improvements in their effectiveness and make massive progress on their toughest business challenges in 90 days.

Programs for Sales Teams

Equip your sales leaders with a field-tested feedback and coaching method and empower your salespeople with cutting-edge selling strategies to significantly grow your business. Holzman Leadership can help you deliver better results no matter your industry.


How to Build the
Real Leaders Your
Company Needs

Join us LIVE to discover:

  • The fundamental, fixable flaws to which nearly all development efforts fall victim
  • A new way of developing people that uses the business problems they’re dealing with right now to change behavior and improve results
  • How to expand your influence so the work you do is prioritized and embraced as a vital business tool

Meet Todd Holzman

Todd Holzman has dedicated his life to empowering the difference makers.

As the founder of Holzman Leadership, a global consultancy, Todd’s Real Work Process is used by CEO’s, Senior Leaders, and HR Executives at numerous Fortunate 500, FTSE100, and Global 2000 companies to transform their leaders, cultures, and business results.

Todd has also taught leadership at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and Columbia University, and clients include American Express, Bristol Myers Squibb, British Telecom, Editas, Nestle, and Red Bull.