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How to choose the right leadership programs and providers—every time

Free LD Buyer’s Guide: 4 Questions
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FACT: most leadership programs are ineffective

Despite the hundreds of billions of dollars spent globally on leadership training every year, numerous studies show that most programs are ineffective. In one McKinsey survey, only 25% of respondents believed training measurably improved performance.

Yet, your internal stakeholders are still looking to you for results. They want training that delivers lasting changes in leadership behavior and improvements in organizational performance—all in ways you can measure and showcase.

You’ve been entrusted with selecting the right programs and providers. Your professional reputation is on the line. Are you prepared to sort through a noisy market flooded with options, most of which sound good but likely won’t work?

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A 4-question test to know who you can count on

This free Leadership Training Buyer’s Guide gives you the exclusive Holzman Leadership Test—4 questions developed over decades evaluating and improving our client’s leadership programs.

Walk away with…

  • A proven way to assess providers and programs before you invest
  • The exact questions and follow-ups to ask to ensure training impact
  • Insights to improve the performance of your providers and programs
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Praise for Holzman Leadership’s Insights

“Our work together over the last 20 years has been instrumental in my growth as a senior HR leader and has increased the effectivenss of our leaders, most recently at American Express”

Andy De Marco, SVR HR Transunion (Former VPHR American Express)

“You work with Bristol-Myers Squibb’s executive, managers, and salesforce has been instrumental in building a high-performance culture, improving customer experience, and exceeding our sales targets.”

Bobbie Kallner, CHRO University of New England (Former Regional Director BMS)

“Our work together with my last company’s CEO, his top team,
and the broader leadership team enabled a more capable, effective,
high-performance culture and company.”

Brian Smith, Chief of Staff & CHRO, The PAMCO Group of Companies

“Many of the ideas promoted by the field sound good on paper but don’t work in practice.  The result?  Even experienced learning leaders struggle to select the right programs and providers.”


– Todd Holzman

Don’t fall victim to the ‘great training robbery’!

It’s time for you to have a proven way to test whether you’re getting the training you need…and when you’re not. With this guide in hand, you’ll be able to know ahead of time whether a particular program or provider is up to the task within just minutes.

This guide was written to build and empower leadership, learning, and talent executives just like you to make better buying decisions.

Download this free today and finally be able to buy with confidence.

Meet Todd Holzman

Todd Holzman has dedicated his life to empowering the difference makers.

As the founder of Holzman Leadership, a global consultancy, Todd’s Real Work Process is used by CEO’s, Senior Leaders, and HR Executives at numerous Fortunate 500, FTSE100, and Global 2000 companies to transform their leaders, cultures, and business results.

Todd has also taught leadership at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and Columbia University, and clients include American Express, Bristol Myers Squibb, British Telecom, Editas, Nestle, and Red Bull.

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