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Leading Beyond Boundaries

Empower your people to lead beyond their authority – up, down, across and outside your organization – to solve complex problems

Real client results from Leading Beyond Boundaries


increase in collaboration


reduction in escalations


reduction in frustration


faster decisions

Is your organization getting the collaboration it needs?

Boundaries are both the boon and bane of organizational life. You need people to work together across the boundaries of function, expertise, location, culture, and hierarchy. But tribal thinking too often cannibalizes the collaboration your company needs.

Leading Beyond Boundaries solves this problem by building enterprise-minded leaders at all levels who lead beyond their authority, collaborate across boundaries, and empower others to do the same.

60% of COOs & Operations Executives say greater cross-functional collaboration is key to achieving their company’s strategic goals.”

– PWC Global Operations Study of 1200+ COOs & operations executives

The gears are grinding

You’ve delayered, embraced Agile, optimized digital, opened spaces, changed incentives, and adopted hybrid work – but you’re still not getting the collaboration your organization needs.

Why? Because you’ve built the conditions NOT the capabilities for collaboration

The fallout? Cross-functional conflict, unnecessary escalations, demotivated teams, fleeing talent, scrapped innovations, slow decision-making, mismanaged execution, and thinner margins…just to name a few.

Bottom line: getting things done is more painful, time consuming, and energy draining than it needs to be.

It’s time to inspire and equip your people to lead and collaborate beyond their authority – up, down, across, and outside your organization.

Break down silos with
a different kind of leader

True collaboration occurs when people see themselves as leaders – regardless of their role and place in the hierarchy – and prioritize the greater good of the company and its customers over their own and that of their “tribe.”

This is a BIG mindset shift that must be coupled with deep capabilities in listening, empathy, candor, conflict resolution, creative thinking, and organizational savvy.

The Leading Beyond Boundaries program uses our Real Work Process (RWP) to build these mindsets and capabilities while solving your organization’s toughest collaboration, matrix and cross-boundary challenges

Explore Our Approach

What Leading Beyond Boundaries delivers

Silos overcome

Replace siloed thinking, power struggles, and petty disagreements with the real collaboration you need to solve complex problems.

Execution accelerated

Equip your leaders to quickly reconcile their competing perspectives and priorities to create a culture where the best ideas win.

Leaders empowered

Empower your people to lead beyond their authority, solve tough problems, and derive more meaning from their work.

Explore Leading Beyond Boundaries
with Team Holzman

Schedule a no-obligation, 30-minute call with us to explore how to generate greater collaboration across your organization.

Explore proven practices used by teams like yours

We’ve worked with companies of all shapes and sizes, and have a unique view into what actually works. We’ll share the practices that get results so we can create the best approach for you and your leadership team

See what makes the program different

Take a look under the hood of Leading Beyond Boundaries to see what makes the program different. We’ll share our unique approach to equipping your leaders with the skills needed to lead and collaborate up, down, across, and outside your organization.

Learn how to get your leaders on board

Winning the support of senior leadership, as well as, the buy-in of those leaders who will actually go through the program is critical to success. You’ve got an experienced guide in Team Holzman, and we’ll give you proven practices to get everyone on board.

Leadership is not a role.
It’s a mindset

Leadership belongs to the world and is everyone’s right and responsibility. It is the ability to inspire, connect, and mobilize people to solve important business problems and improve the world. It can and needs to be exercised both within and beyond one’s authority.

Todd and his team have spent decades developing people at all levels to exercise leadership in all directions.

Schedule your free call and learn how to build the self-empowered leaders your organization needs.