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The Real Work Process

Four steps to drive behavior change, better business results, and transform the impact of learning in 90 days

Real client results with the Real Work Process


of leaders recognize the need to change


report sticky, significant changes in behavior


report solving 2+ intractable business problems

You should expect more from leadership development

It’s not that the current paradigm isn’t providing any value. Leaders are becoming more self-aware, acquiring useful ideas, and building deeper relationships with peers.

But extensive research from Harvard, McKinsey, and Holzman Leadership demonstrates that despite the billions of dollars spent every year on learning, lasting behavior change, and measurable business results remain elusive.

At Holzman Leadership our Real Work Process delivers:

  • Sticky changes in leadership behavior
  • Measurable business results 
  • A transformation of learning’s impact and brand inside your company

It’s a game-changing process that’s worked again and again across numerous Fortune 500, FTSE100, and Global 2000 companies—and it’s ready to go to work for you.

You’re doing the best you can, but…

Your senior leaders have high expectations: they require real behavior change and measurable business results in return for their significant investments of time and money.

That’s a tall order for even the most capable, experienced learning executives—but our field hasn’t equipped you with the reliable methods you need to do truly transformative work.

The consequence?  Your learning programs and initiatives may be extremely vulnerable — just one profit warning, leadership change, or priority shift away from having your budget cut or role reduced. 

Let’s flip the script and make sure your work is treated as the sacred trust it deserves to be.

Discovering a Different Approach

The Real Work Process is a practical, scalable, and transformative leadership development and problem-solving methodology that fuses Todd’s research on tens of thousands of documented cases of leadership failure, analysis of corporate learning programs, and nearly three decades distilling and synthesizing the disparate approaches of the Harvard and Columbia University professors with whom he studied and taught.

It reliably and measurably delivers two outcomes: significant, sticky changes in behavior and better business results.

The Real Work Process

Drive Sticky Behavior Change & Solve Real Business Problems

1. Real-world problem selection

Leaders select important business problems that are a source of personal frustration.

2. Recognition

Leaders realize and take responsibility for their leadership gaps, building deep motivation to learn, grow, and change.

3. Reprogramming

Hands-on coaching and field-tested tools enable leaders to build new neural pathways and begin changing behavior.

4. Real-world results

Rigorous application drives sticky behavior change and measurable business results.

Development That Finally Delivers

Sticky Behavior Change

Stop wasting time and money on training that inevitably fizzles. Effect real change with methods that leave a lasting impact. 

Measurable ROI

Guarantee return on investment as your leaders solve real-world problems through the immediate application of new behaviors. 

Senior Leadership Buy-In

Inspire the confidence your work deserves, and establish learning as a powerful business tool. 

Experience the difference of the Real Work Process

Programs for Leaders

Increase the capacity of your organization by increasing the capacity of your leaders! Whether you’re looking for development that builds your top leadership teams or you need to empower your leaders to coach and develop their own teams, Team Holzman has you covered.

Programs for Senior Teams

We have isolated a core capability that distinguishes higher-performing executive teams. Our methodology enables senior teams to achieve significant improvements in their effectiveness and make massive progress on their toughest business challenges in 90 days.

Programs for Sales Teams

Equip your sales leaders with a field-tested feedback and coaching method and empower your salespeople with cutting-edge selling strategies to significantly grow your business. Holzman Leadership can help you deliver better results no matter your industry.

Start Moving Forward

You can’t divorce development from solving real-world business problems

Segregating learning from leaders’ real work is WHY you’re not seeing behavior change and business results.

The Real Work Process isn’t hands-off for anyone. It’s a roll-up-your-sleeves deep dive into your leaders’ most frustrating business problems where they learn that the real problem is the way they’re leading. Empowered with profound self-awareness and practical tools, they emerge as a much more powerful force for good inside of your company.

Meet Todd Holzman

Todd Holzman has dedicated his life to empowering the difference makers.

As the founder of Holzman Leadership, a global consultancy, Todd’s Real Work Process is used by CEO’s, Senior Leaders, and HR Executives at numerous Fortunate 500, FTSE100, and Global 2000 companies to transform their leaders, cultures, and business results.

Todd has also taught leadership at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and Columbia University, and clients include American Express, Barclays, Bristol Myers Squibb, British Telecom, Editas, Nestle, and Red Bull.

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