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Breakthrough Selling

Equip your salespeople to have courageous, customer-centric conversations that deepen trust and drive sales

Real client results with Breakthrough Selling


ROI 45 days after program launch


market share increase in 60 days


salesforce bonus target achieved

What your salespeople are missing

You already know that your sales reps need to master 3 Behaviors to grow your business:

  1. Curiosity: asking thoughtful questions to uncover your customers real views
  2. Courage: constructively challenging how your customers think
  3. Service: helping your customers make decisions that serve their agenda 

But despite all the books they’ve read and training they’ve received, your sales reps still struggle in the moments that matter.

Breakthrough Selling finally delivers sticky changes in these selling behaviors and rapid improvements in sales revenue.

The problem with salespeople
is they’re always selling…

You’ve taught your salespeople to SPIN, turned them into Challengers, and trained them to be Strategic.

Despite these worthy efforts, your salespeople still shy away from conflict, dump data on customers, and are too focused on their own vs. their customers’ agendas.

The consequence? Your customers don’t trust and value your salesforce as much as they should and they don’t give your salespeople the time they need—squandering sales opportunities and making sales growth painfully slow.

It’s time to finally close the gap between what you and your salespeople know and what they’re actually doing under real-life pressure.

Selling behaviors that stick

The problem isn’t KNOWLEDGE—you and your salespeople know what to do to increase sales. Nor is it MOTIVATION—your reward system probably incents performance.

It’s BEHAVIOR—the ability of your salespeople to do what they already know in the moments that matter, when their limbic systems are screaming at them to look good, avoid conflict, and maintain control.

Our Breakthrough Selling Program, powered by our Real Work Process (RWP), permanently rewires your salespeople’s default behavior freeing them up to have high-impact conversations with customers that deepen relationships and accelerate the generation of new revenue.

An analysis of thousands of customer conversations demonstrates that Selling Gap persists despite 77,000 books on Amazon and Billions of dollars a year spent on Corporate Sales Training every year”

-Holzman Leadership Research

Explore Breakthrough Selling
with Team Holzman

Schedule a no-obligation, 30-minute collaborative call with me and my team to explore how to get your salespeople doing the things that will make a difference

Explore proven practices
used by teams like yours

We’ve worked with companies of all shapes and sizes, and we have a unique view into what actually works. We’ll share the practices that get results so you can figure out the best approach for you and your salespeople.

See what makes the program different

Take a look under the hood of Breakthrough Selling to see what makes the program different. We’ll share our unique approach to finally achieving sticky changes in critical selling behaviors for rapid improvements in sales revenue.

Learn how to get
your team on board

Winning the support of your sales leaders as well as the buy-in of the salespeople who will actually go through the program is critical to success. You’ve got an experienced guide in Team Holzman, and we’ll give you proven practices to get everyone on board.

What Breakthrough Selling Delivers

Highly effective salespeople

Drive sticky changes in critical selling behaviors to embed your sales model and empower your reps to master the moments that matter.

Deep customer relationships

Win customers’ trust, become a valued partner, earn more face time, and make headway with even your toughest customers.

Significant revenue growth

Equip your salespeople to seize sales opportunities, counter the competition, and accelerate revenue growth across the board.

“Our work together is some of the most impactful and relevant training ever to be delivered to our sales team and has been one of the highlights of my career.”

Bobbie KallnerVice President Human Resources

Your salespeople are capable of so much more

But, they’re not living up to their full potential because they’re unintentionally getting in their own way. 

Their natural human tendencies — to look good, avoid conflict, and maintain control — are stopping them from having the courageous, customer-centered conversations that challenge and change customers’ minds.

When they make these behavior changes the sky’s the limit!  And we can get them there.  Let us help you and them achieve what’s possible.