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Real Leadership Teams

Become a much stronger leadership team and make massive progress on your toughest business problems in 90 days

Real client results in 3 months through
the Real Leadership Teams program


improvement in team capabilities


increase in decision speed


improvement in execution


of revenue target achieved

You need a real leadership team

The need for innovation and agility have never been greater. And your CEO can’t do it alone.

Your top leader needs a top team whose leaders park their tribes and egos at the door, and who embrace candor over comfort to tackle your company’s most complex problems together.

Real Leadership Teams takes a different approach by diving into your organization’s toughest issues to both build a sustainably stronger team and make massive progress on those issues.

The conventional team-building approach has fallen short

You’ve taken the tests, done the offsites, and dove through the “7 Dysfunctions.” Yet, you still haven’t become a real leadership team.

Tribalism still trumps collaboration, you’re still mired in minutiae, and comfort has cannibalized candor.

Team meetings are endured as a necessary evil. Leaders below are confused, siloed, or afraid to speak up. Business performance continues to disappoint. And the organization remains more fragile than agile.

You need a different approach. It’s time for something new.

A new approach for better results

The real work of your leadership team is to make tough enterprise-impacting decisions amidst  immense volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA). Conflict within the team is natural and necessary as multiple perspectives and priorities are reconciled.

Real Leadership Teams (RLT) equips your team to embrace conflict and thrive on disagreement, accelerating their ability to make the very best decisions in a VUCA world. These capabilities are immediately applied to generate massive progress on your business’s toughest problems. Forged in the crucible of complexity, your leaders emerge as a sustainably stronger team.

Take the RLT Assessment

Research demonstrates that the ability of leadership teams to embrace conflict NOT harmony is the best predictor of top-team effectiveness.

– RHR International study,
Harvard Business Review

Explore How to Build
a Real Leadership Team

Schedule a no-obligation, 30-minute call with us to explore what your team needs to become a real leadership team

Explore proven practices used by teams like yours

We’ve worked with leadership teams at companies of all shapes and sizes, and have a unique view into what actually works. We’ll share the practices that get results so we can create the best approach for you and your leadership team

Learn how to get your leaders on board

Getting your leadership team fully bought in is the most critical first step. We’ll show you how to build the commitment and urgency needed to make fundamental changes in how they lead and work together.

See what distinguishes Real Leadership Teams

Take a look under the hood to see what makes our program different. We’ll share our unique approach to developing leadership teams and helping them solve their toughest business problems.

What you can expect from Real Leadership Teams

Embed Collaborative Candor as the Norm

Equip your team with proven tools to embrace conflict and reconcile their competing priorities.

Make Better, Faster Decisions

Accelerate your team’s ability to tackle complex problems and make the best decisions for the enterprise.

Unlock Innovation & Agility

Give your organization the gift of a real leadership team that enables an empowered, agile, and innovative culture.

“Todd and his team helped me to rapidly improve the overall effectiveness of my leadership team and make significant progress on several important strategic/operational issues. I’ve known Todd for over 10 years and worked with him across several projects in two different companies. He and his team are not only great problem-solvers, they also deliver the best top team and leadership development work I’ve experienced in my career”

Charlie AlbrightChief Scientific Officer

You deserve a real
leadership team

What if the stuccato of infighting and deafening silence of conflict avoidance on your leadership team stopped?

What could you achieve if your team was relentlessly focused on the big-ticket problems and opportunities that make the most difference to your business?

It’s time to stop the drain on your time, energy, and focus, and build a real leadership team.

Take the RLT Assessment

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Eric Gerber

Eric Gerber is a trusted advisor, executive coach and top team developer who has helped CEOs and senior executives navigate their most complicated leadership and talent challenges over the last 18 years.

Eric founded Gerber Leadership Advisors after being a principal at ghSMART and a top performer at RHR International LLP where he served key Fortune 500 and top tier private equity clients. Prior to that, he led Executive Development for The Home Depot during a period of rapid growth.

Eric also holds an MA and PhD in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from the University of Georgia.