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Leaders Building Leaders

Equip your leaders to develop leadership capabilities in their people

Real client results from the
Leaders Building Leaders program


improvement in leaders' LD capabilities


of GMs report improved leader behavior


dollars in cost savings

Who is best positioned to develop your leaders?

THEIR leaders! Because they have the easiest access to their people, the best data on their leadership gaps, and valuable experience and perspectives to share. And they can develop their people within the context of their actual work—making the development highly relevant and immediately impactful.

But getting stressed out, time-strapped leaders to prioritize this work and perform it well is challenging for the even most well-respected Learning functions.

Leaders Building Leaders solves this problem, first, by convincing your leaders that developing their teams serves their personal goals, and then by equipping them to build a strong bench of leaders at all levels

“How do you ensure your leaders get the continuous development they need when both time and money are limited?”

– Todd Holzman
 CEO & Founder, Holzman Leadership

Your leadership programs
can only do so much…

If your organization’s leaders aren’t completely on board and highly skilled at providing feedback and coaching that’s aligned with your programs, you’ll never achieve sticky behavior change, measurable business impact, and the recognition your good work deserves. Without their active support, your development efforts only scratch the surface.

At the same time, your organization’s leaders will be stuck with glorified workers who are leaders in title only, overburdened with work their people should be shouldering and struggling to live up to the strategic role they’re expected to play.

If you want your leadership programs to have a lasting impact, your organization’s leaders are a critical piece of the puzzle.

How to inspire and equip your leaders to develop theirs

The first step is to convince your leaders that developing their leaders is in their personal interest. Then, equip them to master 3 leadership development capabilities:

  1. Diagnose BTIs (Big Ticket Items), the 1-2 changes their people need to make to become better leaders.
  2. Create “Aha” Moments, realizations that inspire their people to learn, grow, and change. 
  3. Change Behavior and build lasting capabilities through transformative coaching.

Leaders Building Leaders uses our Real Work Process to build critical commitment and capabilities in your leaders so they support the behavior changes your LD programs are working toward and your organization gets the bench strength it needs.

Explore Our Approach

“80% of the time leaders misdiagnose the changes their people need to make to become better leaders.”

– Holzman Leadership Research

Explore Leaders Building Leaders
with Team Holzman

Schedule a no-obligation, 30-minute call with us to talk through
how your leaders  can develop leadership capabilities in their people.

Explore proven practices used by teams like yours

We’ve worked with companies of all shapes and sizes, and we have a unique view into what actually works. We’ll share the practices that get results so we can create the best approach for you and your leadership team.

See what makes the program different

Take a look under the hood of Leaders Building Leaders to see what makes the program different. We’ll share our unique approach to equipping your leaders with the skills they need to develop leadership capabilities in their people. 

Learn how to get your leaders on board

Winning the support of senior leadership as well as the buy-in of those leaders who will actually go through the program is critical to success. You’ve got an experienced guide in Team Holzman, and we’ll give you proven practices to get everyone on board.

What Leaders Building Leaders Delivers

Leaders Who Build Better Leaders

Equip your leaders to own this responsibility and master the skills required to develop their leaders.

Sustainable Change After Your LD Programs

Have a lasting impact and get the recognition your good work deserves when your leaders support the changes your LD programs are trying to achieve.

A Deeper, More Engaged Bench

Build a strong bench of deeply committed leaders at all levels, who are ready to take on bigger roles and perform on Day 1.

“I was fortunate enough to be a part of a company executive training program led by Todd. It was early in my career and the lessons learned, as well as the change in approach and perspective, regarding impactful conversations and executive level interactions became a building block of my progress in and beyond my current role. I re-visit my notes and content from back then to this day when I need to refresh my perspective and apply my efforts effectively in meaningful interactions. The materials were tailored perfectly to apply to our company culture and needs, making the course engaging and useful. Beyond the material, simply being exposed to Todd's paradigms as they took extra time to demonstrate how to solve sticking points or to have side-bar conversations, the guidance was strong and certainly a situation where the energy one put into engaging in the program delivered a return on that effort. There are only two external training programs I credit with directly driving my promotions at Red Bull in the past 12 years and this is one of them. I hope to interact with them again someday, as I know it will be beneficial.”

Fredo GuarinoCPG Strategist & General Manager

Will your leaders answer the call?

We believe in your leaders. We know they can be a powerful development force in their people’s lives, equipping your organization with the leaders it needs. 

The problem is most good leaders don’t know how to develop other leaders. So they over-outsource this responsibility to Leadership Development programs—and then wonder why they don’t have the leaders they need.

The world is calling your leaders to take up this responsibility. We know how to instill in them the confidence and capabilities they need to rise to the occasion.

Let us show you how.

When your leaders start developing their team’s leadership capabilities:

  • Your most stalwart task masters will become your best coaches.
  • Your most resistant leaders will become your biggest advocates.
  • Your LD efforts will be embraced as essential by leaders at all levels.