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Unlock the Power of Candor

Inspire and equip leaders to have more honest, effective conversations

What distinguishes highly effective leaders, senior teams, and salespeople?

Nearly three decades of my work and research with tens of thousands of people globally reveals a singular capability that distinguishes highly effective leaders, senior teams, and salespeople.

Whether you’re looking to develop higher-performing executive teams, enterprise-minded leaders who lead beyond their teams, managers who effectively coach their teams, or salespeople who build deep, profitable relationships with their customers, one capability underpins them all. 

It is the ability to have honest and effective conversations about the real issues.

“We can’t solve any problem that we can’t talk about honestly and openly.”


– Todd Holzman

But most organizations struggle to get to candor because most…

…leaders and people fear the consequences:

  • Executive teams fear disrupting team harmony.
  • Managers fear demotivating their people.
  • Salespeople fear hurting customer relationships.
  • Everyone fears damaging their credibility and careers.

All of this compromises leadership effectiveness, organizational agility, business performance, and human health and happiness. But the benefits of closing the candor gap are enormous.

Closing the Candor Gap Improves Results

Stronger Leaders & Teams

Stop wasting time and money on leadership development only to see it fizzle. Create highly effective leaders and teams by focusing on this core capability.

Better Business Results

Your leaders and people can solve almost any problem that they can talk about it openly and honestly. Guarantee ROI when your they get to candor and tackle their real-business issues in our programs.

Greater Innovation & Agility

Enable your company to thrive in a complex world through a culture where the best ideas win and honestly discussing the real issues is expected, safe, and rewarded.

Honest and effective conversations is a learnable capability

Your leaders’ difficulty with honest conversations is not unique to them and isn’t their fault. 

Nearly three decades of studying and developing leaders demonstrate we are all subconsciously blocked from having honest conversations effectively by an over-protective program that’s been encoded into all of us and reinforced by our cultures.

Fortunately, we’ve developed a process that enables leaders to:

  1. Recognize their over-protective programming. 
  2. Reinvent their approach by internalizing new behaviors. 
  3. Realize Remarkable Results through effective application of proven practices to diverse business problems. 

An extensive analysis of 45,000 documented conversations reveals 3 things:

  1. All people fall into universal traps during challenging conversations

  2. Most people are blind to this fact

  3. Subconscious programming triggers these traps and makes us blind

Meet Todd Holzman

Todd Holzman has dedicated his life to empowering the difference makers.

As the founder of Holzman Leadership, a global consultancy, Todd’s Real Work Process is used by CEO’s, Senior Leaders, and HR Executives at numerous Fortunate 500, FTSE100, and Global 2000 companies to transform their leaders, cultures, and business results.

Todd has also taught leadership at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and Columbia University, and clients include American Express, Barclays, Bristol Myers Squibb, British Telecom, Editas, Nestle, and Red Bull.

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