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Getting to Candor

Learn how to have truthful conversations in ways
that deepen trust AND drive progress on the real issues.

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Candor is the currency of good leadership.

But we universally struggle with this capability. This free on-demand training will explain why and show you exactly how to improve your ability to get to candor.

An extensive analysis of 45,000 documented conversations reveals 3 things:

  1. All people unintentionally compromise candor when its needed most

  2. Unconscious programming causes us to behave in these ways

  3. Almost all people are blind to this fact

You Have a Candor Gap…

and You Don’t Even Know It

Even the most experienced, intelligent, sincere leaders struggle with getting to candor. It’s a universal challenge we’re largely unaware of, but it’s costing us A LOT.

Regardless of their background, seniority, or previous training, your leaders inability to get to candor is compromising…

  • Organizational Effectiveness
  • People’s Well-Being
  • Business Performance

But if it’s so important why does this gap exist?

It’s NOT Our Principles.
It’s Our Programming.

How important do you think it is to be candid, curious, compassionate, and collaborative as a leader? 

I know VERY, right?!

But over 5 decades of research shows that when things get uncomfortable or tense, most of these noble principles go out the window. 

In the moments that matter most an overprotective program takes over—to our detriment and the detriment of the organizations within which we lead. 

However, all of us can transcend our programming and master candor.

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“We can’t solve any problem that we can’t talk about openly and honestly.”


– Todd Holzman

What You’ll Learn…

Cultivating candor is one of the most powerful things you can do to transform your life, leaders, organization, and the world.

With this Getting to Candor on-demand training, you’ll leverage a scientifically-proven method to…

  • Reveal your personal candor traps—and their unintended consequences
  • Improve the most important conversations in your life—at work and at home
  • Inspire others to do the same
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Our work together over the last 20 years has been instrumental in my growth as a senior HR leader and has increased the effectiveness of our leaders, most recently at American Express.

Andy De MarcoSVP HR Transunion (former VPHR American Express)

Your work with Bristol-Myers Squibb’s executives, managers, and salesforce has been instrumental in building a high-performance culture, improving customer experience and exceeding our sales targets.

Bobbie KallnerCHRO University of New England (former Regional Director, BMS)

Our work together with my last company’s CEO, his top team, and the broader leadership team enabled a more capable, effective, high-performance culture and company.

Brian SmithChief of Staff & CHRO, The PAMCO Group of Companies

Good Leadership Requires Candor

Being able to get to candor is the core capability all good leadership depends upon. It is the ability to have truthful conversations in ways that deepen trust while also driving progress on the real issues.

Candor is critical because we can’t solve problems we can’t talk about openly and honestly. And, we can’t make a lasting impact if we’re burning relationships along the way in the name of progress. 

Instead, when we embrace the challenge of treating every conversation as a collaborative search for the truth in order to do good in the world, our results and relationships can only improve.

Candor deserves your respect. 

It deserves your attention. 

It deserves to be prioritized.

Begin to master this discipline by taking this free on-demand training today.

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Meet Todd Holzman

Todd had dedicated his life to developing the difference makers and partnering with the people who support them. As the founder of Holzman Leadership, a global consultancy, Todd’s Real Work Process has been used by numerous Fortune 500, FTSE 100, and Global 2000 companies to transform their leaders, cultures, and business results. Reach out today to learn how Holzman Leadership can help you.


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