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How to Develop Leaders

Are Your Training Programs Delivering REAL Behavior Change and Business Impact?

Watch Video 8: You’re Developing Others. Who’s Developing You?
Revisit Video 2: How to Level Up Your Leadership Development Game
Revisit Video 3: Have You Heard About the Holzman/Columbia University Leadership Lab?
Revisit Video 4: ToddTalks: Up Your Leaders’ Game in 5 Minutes a Week
Revisit Video 5: An Easy Way to Unlock Leadership at All Levels
Revisit Video 6: Why Should Only the Top 1% Get Quality Leadership Development?

Okay. So I hope you enjoyed the previous four emails and videos on how we might work together to inspire and equip millions of people every year to step up and speak up to tackle the real issues and opportunities to make our companies, our communities, and our countries better. But if you didn’t get a chance to watch them, you could do you so at any time by clicking on the links below this video.

Today, I’ll talk about idea number five, raising your own organization’s game through our programs for leaders, senior teams, and salespeople. And all of them are fueled by something called our Real Work Process, which ensures each one of our programs reliably delivers real behavior change and business impact in ways that are sustainable and scalable.

So let me give you a few examples. Our Real Leadership Teams program equipped this insurance company’s top team to make decisions two times faster. Our Leading Beyond Boundaries program enabled this bank to improve cross-silo collaboration by a factor of three. And the combination of our Breakthrough Selling and our Breakthrough Coaching program enabled this pharma to increase the market share of one of its key products by 30%. Or we could customize a program for your organization and culture drawing from our work with great companies all over the world.

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