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How to Develop Leaders

ToddTalks: Up Your Leaders’ Game in 5 Minutes a Week

Watch SHRM Guest Appearance: Rethinking Leadership Development
Revisit Video 3: Have You Heard About the Holzman/Columbia University Leadership Lab?

First of all, I was really happy with how many of you expressed interest in our Holzman/Columbia University Leadership Development Lab. But if you missed my video about that, you can watch it anytime by clicking on the link below this video. Today, I’ll quickly cover the second way that you and I can work together to inspire and equip millions of people every year to exercise leadership inside of their companies, their communities, and countries, and that’s by watching and sharing our Todd Talks. Each of my provocative Todd Talks will provide you, your leaders, senior teams, and sales people with ideas that you can use immediately to improve your impact inside and outside of work. Here are some examples of upcoming podcasts so you know what to look forward to.

The honesty dilemma, solving leaders’ biggest bind, what really separates good from great leadership teams, how leaders stunt their people’s growth and performance through question based coaching, that one’s definitely going to be controversial, and how to build deep customer relationships with the DAO, transparency, authenticity, and openness.

But if you can’t wait for these, in the meantime, you can watch my podcast appearance at the Society for Human Resource Management called Rethinking Leadership Development with Todd Holzman. And you can do that by clicking on the link below this video. I hope you enjoy it.

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