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How to Develop Leaders

How to Level Up Your Leadership Development Game

Watch Video 1: Are Your Leadership Development Efforts Making a Real Difference?
Watch Video 3: Have You Heard About the Holzman/Columbia University Leadership Lab?

So welcome to Part Deux of My Midlife Leadership Crisis. And if you didn’t get a chance to watch Part One, you can do so by clicking on the link below this video. And in it, I talked about my firm’s mission, which is to inspire and equip millions of people every year to exercise leadership. And by leadership, we mean the ability to mobilize and connect with other people, both within and beyond one’s authority, to confront and deal with the real issues in order to improve our companies, our communities, our countries, and our lives. And in the last video, I also promised to share seven ways that my colleagues and I are pursuing this mission. And there are also ways that you and I might collaborate to make a greater difference in the world together. So I’ll quickly preview each of these seven ideas now, and then I’ll go into greater depth on each one at subsequent emails and videos. All right, so let’s jump in.

Idea Number One. Join the Holzman Columbia University Leadership Development Lab, where we’re bringing together select learning executives. Each of whom are doing pioneering leadership development work at their respective Global 2000 companies. And we’re doing this for two reasons. Number one, so they can learn from each other and use that learning to improve the impact of their respective programs. But the bigger reason we’re doing this is to advance the entire field of leadership development. And what we’ll do is we’ll capture and share these lessons more broadly with learning executives at other companies, so they can learn from the successes and struggles of these leadership development pioneers.

Okay, Reason Number Two. Watch and share our weekly ToddTalks, which are snackable lessons that you, your leaders, senior teams and sales people can use to immediately improve your effectiveness, drawn from our ongoing work and research with people around the world.
Idea Number Three. Recommend guests for our podcast. And this is where we’re going to interview and showcase the stories of ordinary people who are making an extraordinary difference, both inside and outside of their companies. And we’re going to do this in order to inspire millions of people to do the same all over the world.

Idea Number Four. Help us bring quality leadership development to the masses. Or as one of our clients said, let’s democratize leadership development. And it’s really important that we figure this out, because the complex problems that we’re facing inside of our companies and in the world require that we get more leadership from people at all levels, regardless of their position or place in society. But let’s be honest, only the top 1% get access to quality leadership development. And I intend to change that. But thankfully, because of advances in technology, we’re finally in a position to affordably deliver quality leadership development to the masses, not just the chosen few.

Idea Number Five. Raise your own organization’s leadership game. And this is where we would work with you to equip your people to make an even greater difference through our programs for leaders, senior teams and sales people.

Idea Number Six. Enroll in our personal coaching program for learning executives. A lot of you are trying to do something really important inside of your organizations, but getting the support that you need to do truly impactful work can be a challenge for even the most experienced executive. And we’ll help you figure out how to do that in ways that’ll make your careers thrive and your development efforts totally come alive. We’ll do that by drawing on two things. One, the successful experiences of the dozens of learning executives that we’ve coached all over the world. And our own personal experiences as learning and HR executives at companies like IBM, Honeywell, British Telecom, Bristol Myers Squibb, Red Bull, Citibank, just to name a few.

Last but not least, Idea Number Seven. Get certified. And this is where you would join the hundreds of other people that we have trained in our programs and our coaching process so that you can deliver real behavior change and business results to your clients.
Okay. So thanks for listening, and look out for deep-dives on each one of these seven ideas in subsequent emails and videos from me. But if you can’t wait, just click on the links below to watch them now.

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