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How to Develop Leaders

Why Should Only the Top 1% Get Quality Leadership Development?

Watch Video 7: Are Your Training Programs Delivering REAL Behavior Change and Business Impact?

Every idea I’ve shared with you so far is the extension of our mission, to inspire and equip millions of people every year to exercise leadership inside of their companies, communities, and countries. But as valuable as I know all of those things are going to be, our Holzman/Columbia University Leadership Development Lab, our Todd Talks, our podcasts, there’s still no replacement for real training, and that’s because it takes a lot more than ideas and inspiration to effectively challenge people to tackle the real issues. Skills, tools, and behavior change are needed.

Today, I want to talk to you about bringing leadership development to the masses or, as one of my clients called it, democratizing leadership development. This is really important because we need more leadership from people at all levels, regardless of their organizational role or place in society.

But let’s be honest here, only the top 1% get access to quality leadership development. But with advances in technology, we can finally deliver quality leadership development to the many, not just the chosen few in ways that are affordable. And we could do that through virtual reality and or AI empowered digital programs that actually transform and build lasting capabilities in leaders, senior teams, and sales people, empower people at all levels to exercise leadership in the real world, and equip people with practical tools and skills that they can immediately use to solve real world problems.

So if you’re interested in and bringing quality leadership development to the masses and democratizing leadership development inside of your company, then let us know. And you could do that by clicking on the red Let’s Talk button at the top right corner of our website and we’ll explore how we might pilot this innovative digital approach inside your company.

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