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How to Develop Leaders

You’re Developing Others. Who’s Developing You?

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Today, I’ll talk about idea number six, personal coaching for learning executives. The truth is that my colleagues and I love personally developing leaders, senior teams, and salespeople. But we also exist to serve difference makers like you, people who are truly committed to building better leaders inside of their company and in the world. And as a former learning executive at Honeywell and IBM and a former teaching staff member at Harvard’s Premier Course for World Leaders I know exactly how hard that can be.

So in this personal coaching program, we’re going to draw from the experiences of the dozens of learning executives that we’ve coached all of the world and from our own personal experiences as learning and HR executives at IBM, Honeywell, British Telecom, Red Bull, Bristol Myers Squibb, Citibank, just to name a few, and we’ll do that in a way that’ll make your careers thrive and your leadership development work totally come alive.

So if you’re ready to take your leadership and your leadership development game to the next level, please book an exploratory call with us. And you could do that by clicking on the red Let’s Talk button at the top right corner of our website.

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