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How to Develop Leaders

An Easy Way to Unlock Leadership at All Levels

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Okay, so welcome back. I hope you enjoyed snacking on a Todd Talk or two since my last video or email. Today, I’m going to quickly cover the third way that you and I can work together to inspire and equip millions of people every year to exercise leadership inside of their companies, communities, and countries.

And you could do that by recommending guests for our podcasts. And in our podcast, instead of glorifying the famous and the powerful, we’re going to interview and showcase the stories of ordinary people who are making an extraordinary difference inside and outside of their companies. And it is through this podcast that I believe that we can inspire millions of people all over the world to step up and do the same, because I truly believe that each of us is sitting on a massive untapped reservoir of leadership potential. And with a little encouragement, we can unlock this powerful force for good in the world.

So let me give you a flavor of just some of the people I’m hoping to interview. A scientist who overcame the naysayers in bureaucracy inside of his pharma company to invent a life saving diabetes treatment. A son who, after 20 years, finally got his parents to stop enabling his sister’s addiction. And a mother who helped her fellow parents who are in the middle of very charged debates at their kid’s school to find common ground and solutions they could all live with.

So maybe you have somebody who has a story to tell, or maybe you are that somebody. If so, please reach out to Lace Gilger, our show’s co-producer, at and she’ll follow up with you to learn more.

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