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The Power of Candor

The Unintended Consequences of our Collective Candor Gap

Apparently, this is the pick me up hour. And again, how many of you went into the conversation, you said, “I think a good outcome of this thing would be mutual alienation, frustration, self-doubt. I feel unheard, but also unsafe. They’re gaslighting me. Maybe I’m gaslighting them. The problem isn’t solved. Dig my heels in around my story. I’ve got a trigger hangover. I’m getting stonewalled. I feel contempt for the other person, but also disappointed. If only I could hate them more. And then diminished returns. And I feel cynical, resigned.” For how many of you was that your intention? Yes, we have a winner.

And that’s the whole point, that the overprotective program doesn’t care about your principles and your intentions. That when you feel something is a little bit at stake, a little bit of a threat, it kicks in and messes with you, drives you to behave in ways that you would probably never recommend to anyone else. And then it creates all of these consequences and it all happens like this.

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