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The Power of Candor

How To Rewire Behavior for Lasting Change

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Let’s talk about reinvention, the phase that will enable your leaders to bring about lasting changes in their own behavior and make a much bigger impact on your organization. So the first step is to help your leaders see what good looks like. And we do this by sharing inspiring examples of what effective honest conversations actually look like in real life. Then we move from seeing to feeling by giving your leaders a direct personal experience of an effective, honest conversation. And we do this through realistic simulations where they get to have an honest conversation with a fictional but familiar direct report manager, colleague, or customer. And it’s during these simulations that we give them guidance on the application of our intuitive tools so that they get a positive result. And this builds in them the foundational capabilities and confidence they’ll need to apply these tools to their real lives.

And then we ramp up the complexity by tackling the real conversations they’re going to have after the event, the real world problems that they brought to the program and to which we promised a solution. The first thing we do is help them devise a killer strategy for the next conversation. But where the rubber really meets the road is during our real plays where we or their colleagues play. The people that they’re going to talk to after the program. And these real plays are different from traditional role plays in at least two ways. Number one, they’re highly realistic.

Number two, we’re not just passive observers. We don’t just sit back, take notes, give them feedback in a role play, and then clap and everyone sits down. Instead, we provide a distinct in the moment help that we call catch and convert coaching. The moment your leaders begin to revert back to old behaviors, we stop the action. We gently point out the traps we’re falling into, provide some quick pointers, and then restart the action. And we do this until they’re able to produce more effective behavior and doing these real plays over and over again against their own personal case studies and their colleagues’ personal case studies. And combining that with the catch and convert coaching ensures that your leaders will be able to apply what they learned at the program to their real conversations under real life pressure after the program.

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