Our Philosophy

We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them. - ALBERT EINSTEIN

We Need to Evolve Faster
The world has become more complex and changed faster than anyone imagined. But, most organizations and people are struggling to keep up
The Breakthrough We Most Need
...In an interdependent world lays in how we lead, influence and communicate with each other. 20th Century defaults need to be replaced with 21st Century mindsets and behaviors that few possess
People & Companies Can Rise
to the Challenge
30 years studying organizations, 24 years consulting to top companies, and the development of 20,000 leaders globally has proven that people and companies can change
Business & Human Growth Simultaneously
Our research demonstrates that the tradeoff between business performance and human well-being is neither sustainable nor necessary. Our development methods grow people and businesses synergistically
Organizations Can Be
Evolutionary Engines
Organizations need to become Evolutionary Engines. Training programs are necessary, but insufficient. Development needs to be continuous and designed into the culture and how people work everyday