Sales Training Program

Breakthrough Selling Train-The-Trainer Workouts Digital Learning
Purpose & Objectives  
A bold alternative to traditional selling that equips salespeople to challenge and change customer mindsets and behavior.

Produces measurable improvements in:

• Selling behavior

• Customer experience

• Market share

• Revenue
Trains sales managers and select others to build Breakthrough Selling skills in their salespeople through delivery of:

• Breakthrough Selling

• Workouts

• Individual Coaching
Small group sessions run by Holzman-Certified Managers. Sales people apply new Breakthrough Selling skills to tough customer situations and Big Ticket Sales Opportunities.


• An organization-wide transformation in selling behavior

• Significant, measurable improvements in sales
Foundational and customized video, audio and written content created for our clients that:

• Reinforces and deepens Breakthrough Selling skill

• Provides guidance on how to handle new customer objections

• Inspires salesforce with customer Victory Stories
• Run by Holzman and/or our clients

• Length: 1-2 Days

• Group size: 20-200 salespeople per workshop
• Holzman-Led

• Length: 4-5 days

• Duration: 6-12 months

• Group size: 8-20 managers
• Run by our client's managers

• Length: 1-hour. Virtual

• Duration: 6-18 months

• Group size: 6-12 salespeople
• Developed and designed in close collaboration with our clients